Tutorial: Increase Productivity by 50% with Microsoft Word Outline View

Let’s set the tone. You are working on a long RFP and your supervisor asks you to reorder paragraphs in several sections or they ask you to make a change or two throughout the RFP. Scrolling to find the right section and then copy and pasting the paragraphs take time. It also takes a high […]

Tutorial: Make Your PowerPoint Look Like a Video with the Morph Transition

We have all been using PowerPoint for years. We have used transitions and animations to make our presentations become alive. In this tutorial, we want to show you how to use a transition that is available on Office 365 and PowerPoint 2019. This transition is often overlooked since it is relatively new. It is the […]

Tutorial: Using Excel Slices

Earlier this summer, we shared a story of a client who had to make sense of 80,000 rows of sales data. We taught him how to use Excel’s Pivot Table function to summarize and analyze the data. Now that he knows how to use PivotTables, he can create as many tables that he needs to show […]

CCC Tutorial: Using Excel’s Paste Special to Copy Complex Items

How often do you paste data into an Excel spreadsheet or from one Excel spreadsheet to another? So often that you use command + V without even realizing it. It is second nature. What happens when you need to copy and paste complex items? This is where Paste Special becomes your best friend. Paste Special […]

Respond Faster and De-Clutter Your Inbox with Outlook Rules – Part Two

Recently, we shared how Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to manage emails and direct specific emails to specific folders enabling you to respond in a timely manner. Rules automate your emails based on criteria. If you missed our newsletter on creating new or custom Outlook rules, you can read it here. This week, learn how to […]