Software Training

Can you imagine saving 4 hours per week because you learned to use a feature available in your software? How will you feel when your staff can take on more projects because they too have saved equal amounts of time?Using software to your advantage is the goal.  Training staff in the software they use leads to faster project turnaround, greater team collaboration and enhanced reporting. Delivering skill building opportunities is your foundation’s building blocks and is a strong signal about your commitment to your team.

Training is offered in multiple formats:

  • Instructor live in a private setting
  • Instructor online
  • Computer based training modules. See a CBT

At CCC, we provide training in Microsoft, Adobe and proprietary software to equip your team with the IT skills needed in your workplace.

Whether you work for a business, federal agency, trade association or other non-profit, it is time to harness the strengths and benefits of technology and make your life easier.

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