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Drip Campaigns: The Secret to Bringing Customers Back Again

Every business owner wants customers to buy their product or service, and every business owner wants to see customers return. It doesn’t matter if you are a B2B company, a B2C company, or even a non-profit, without people buying or giving, you cannot sustain or grow.   We are living in a time where buying online [...]

3 Ways to Build your Referrals in 2022

According to Review42, 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know. These statistics speak to the importance of building referrals as a valuable source of business. We have written several articles to help build your referral network. Growing your business through referrals reduces Follow Up Fatigue and helps you gain a stronger customer base who are [...]

4 Big Benefits when CCC is your X2CRM partner

Many companies look at the new year as the time to re-evaluate and set business goals. We look at the data from the previous year and make adjustments to reach our goals. This may include hiring new employees, revising business processes, or looking at business tools including an enterprise CRM. It is this last one [...]