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Making Employee Advocates Can Start with How You Use Your CRM

When we hire a new employee – salesperson, administrative assistant, marketing strategist, or accountant – it is our desire as business owners that they become internal brand advocates.  Internal brand advocates are excited about their jobs and the products they sell. They paint a positive picture around their company. The business owner does not have [...]

3 Ways to Understand Your Target Audience So You Can Attract Better Leads

Many of our articles are focused on using your CRM to help you get more customers and close sales faster. This article will be no different, although there will be a stronger marketing emphasis. As business owners, you know the importance of identifying your target audience. If you do not have a target audience and [...]

3 Ways to Use Your CRM as a Business Intelligence Tool

We know that a CRM is used to organize, interact, nurture, and retain customers. The CRM gives us the tools to reduce follow up fatigue and provide better customer service through automation, email marketing, and guiding customers through the buyer and customer’s journey. A CRM can also be used as a business intelligence tool so [...]