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Why CCC Solutions?

Our clients share a common goal: Complete work faster and easier. Whether you work for a private business, non-profit or federal agency, using software to your advantage is the strategy. Leveraging technology allows our clients to interact with their targets, customers and constituents rapidly and automatically.

Our clients like to make smart decisions. They employ bright people who seek market, product, political and economic information to manage their responsibilities. Our clients handle large data sets, create dynamic reports, manage sales departments and websites and are end users, administrators and executives.  Our clients ask us to train their staff to enhance work place productivity, implement CRM systems, create websites, and manage SEO and digital marketing actions.

Given the enormous responsibilities you face every day, what can you do to harness the strengths and benefits of technology and make your life easier?

Case Study: DC Non-profit goes from guessing to data-driven decisions with new CRM

For non-profits, engaging with your constituents and funding sources is a persistent challenge especially at times like today where physical distancing is required. Knowing about member involvement and what amounts donors have given is critical as you seek to grow your organization. When a local DC non-profit came to us to ask about our CRM, [...]

How to Build Client Relationships in the New “Normal”

At this very difficult time, nearly all of us are working from home. What can we do to build relationships with prospects, referrers, and clients? The new “normal” opens up many opportunities for relationship building. For many of us, working full-time from home is the new norm. It is an adjustment after working in an [...]

5 Ways to Increase Email Subscriber Engagement

At the moment, we cannot visit our clients or network with our prospects. What can we do to engage our clients and prospects? Email continues to be an extremely effective way for brand awareness and marketing. You can personalize your emails, set up automation, and segment your subscriber lists. These are great things to do, [...]