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3 Ways to Use your CRM to Manage and Strengthen Your Brand (Part One)

If you have a CRM, there is a good chance that you use it for marketing management. Attracting new customers and nurturing existing customers is your focus and common strategies include email campaigns, newsletters, and lead generation forms. Each serves a different purpose, and your CRM can be used to manage, centralize, and execute your [...]

My Customer Acquisition Costs are too High! What can I do to Lower CAC?

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, you need customers to make your business profitable. B2B and B2C businesses may acquire and nurture differently, however, both have Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). What is CAC? CAC is the cost of acquiring a new customer. Costs related to CAC include resources, overhead, salary, and time. Here [...]

Why are my customers one-time buyers? How can I change this?

If you do a Google search on attracting new customers, you will find article after article with strategies to do so. Strategies can include lead-generation landing pages and contact forms on your website or email drip campaigns to nurture them from consideration to buying. You may spend dollars on Google Adwords or Facebook Ad campaigns. [...]