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Manage your prospects, sales funnel, and daily tasks with less effort through your customized CRM dashboard. You and your team will track prospects, set actions, and see results on day one because we train you to use X2CRM business processes, automation and reports.

Every business manages contacts and needs a CRM

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Including Members, Advocates

Your CRM can manage your customer service requests and service tickets

So, what happens after you have made the sale, delivered, and installed your product? Your level of post-sale customer service will determine whether you have a one-time buyer or a customer for life. Most businesses need to track post-sale customer interactions and feedback. But how? Find a robust CRM that has a service tickets module [...]

Personalizing your message makes all the difference in the world

How many times have you received an email from a business and your response is “this has nothing to do with me, so why did I receive it?”. This is what happens when messages are not personalized and are sent to everyone. It annoys the recipients and creates follow up fatigue for salespeople and business [...]

Tis the Season to Segment Your Holiday Email Messages

It is that time of year. Some businesses look forward to creating heartfelt holiday messages. Others dread the obligatory messages of gratitude to jump into the new year with optimism. Whichever end of the spectrum you put yourself, there is usually a common denominator. The common denominator is waiting to the last minute and rushing [...]