Build Revenue with Current Customers

3 businesses with 3 different products have the same problems: Not enough sales or profits.

Company Profiles

The 3 companies are: 

  • Residential Cleaning Services (RCS) has high travel expenses because the jobs are spread out.
  • Janitorial Supply Company (JSC) has multiple products but too many single product purchasers.
  • Online Beauty Product (OBP) has limited post purchase after care or reorder process.

Each of these companies knew they needed to boost profitable revenue.

Sales Funnel Review

All 3 companies reviewed their sales funnels to see the stages where they lost sales. Here is what they found:

  • Top of Funnel – They marketed to the wrong audiences.
  • Middle of Funnel – No demo to show how they solved the prospect’s problem
  • Bottom of Funnel – No promotional discount to close the sale.

They also realized that it is a lot easier to sell to your existing customer base.

Company Revenue Strategies

What did these companies do to boost revenue? Here are some highlights.

  • RCS needed to boost sales in the neighborhoods where they worked and planned to offer its existing customers 1 week free cleaning for every referral. RCC also added gutter cleaning as a second product line.
  • JSC needed to sell multiple products to their customers who only bought one item. They analyzed who bought multiple products and why and realized many current clients needed the products they sold. 
  • OBP knew its 8 products lasted 4 to 8 weeks before refills were needed. OBP needed to engage with its customers using educational product messaging and renewal promotions. OBP needed to bundle certain products to expand sales.

Each company had good strategies but did not know how to implement them. 

Revenue Boosters to the Rescue

If your CRM doesn’t help produce revenue, you have the wrong CRM.

Each invested in X2CRM, a robust CRM with full automation, segmentation, and integration with other enterprise software.

Here is how they use X2CRM every day:

  • RCS increased sales by 25% in specific neighborhoods so that 1 RCS car delivers staff for 4 cleaning jobs. It used to be 1 car, 1 job.

X2CRM’s email and text campaigns to preferred customers, 1 day after RCS’s cleaning service, did the trick based on its ability to pinpoint RCS’s heaviest street concentrations.

  • JSC contacted each single product client in 2 industries and 50% of the clients bought 3 or more products based on special pricing.

X2CRM’s call list, organized by industry, by client, and by product showed who were most likely to buy multiple products. Sales reps made calls to buyers with personalized emails sent automatically. 

  • OBP reorders went from sporadic to 70% of all orders in 1 year based on a series of promotions and bundles.

X2CRM triggers reorder campaigns after each purchase based on the average usage of its 8 products. Emails lead the buyer to renew, suggest product uses and complementary products, and close with discounts and product bundles.

In each case, X2CRM helped produce revenue through strategic outreach using its powers of automation and segmentation.

CRMs Produce Revenue

Robust CRMs free up sales reps, managers, and owners to focus on their best clients and prospects. That is where the money is!

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