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Grow Your Business and Reduce Follow Up Fatigue with X2CRM

As an X2CRM Partner, CCC delivers powerful tools, configured based on your business goals, and trains you how to use X2CRM, so you are ready to go full speed on day one.

X2CRM will help you:

  • Track B2C, B2G, or B2B prospecting, referrals, and opportunities.
  • Communicate automatically to prospects and clients.
  • Create preset targets for marketing campaigns.
  • Set actions for every contact to make follow-up easy.
  • Deliver messages to social media channels based on your contacts’ social media profiles.
  • Track projects and set automatic actions and reminders.
  • Maintain all contact info in one place.
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction and buying patterns.
  • Measure your sales results based on your criteria in your customized CRM dashboard.
  • Reduce Follow Up Fatigue.

X2CRM combines “High Touch” tactics with “High Tech” innovation so you can close more sales and nurture customers with less follow up fatigue.

X2CRM Partner

Learn how X2CRM's features can drive your business forward

X2CRM Workflow


X2CRM ensures the most user-friendly method for automating tasks. It is simple, fast, and straightforward, only requiring a simple drag “Action” to a respective “Trigger”. The required fields are then filled in and ready to use. Just about any task can be automated from managing records and contacts, handling campaigns, tracking locations, and much more.

Marketing Automation

X2CRM considers marketing automation an essential component to customer engagement and advancing your customer’s journey. Automation is integrated within every module and can be triggered from any module, any type of customer activity, or any sort of campaign or initiative.


Efficiently sell and manage your customers with X2CRM’s highly extendable and scalable platform. CCC Solutions configures your sales process, performance, and reporting according to your business goals. X2Sales includes these functionalities and more:

  • Customized CRM dashboard
  • Full customer relationship management
  • Record relationships
  • Deal opportunity tracking
  • Sales funnel reports
  • Sales process pipeline
  • Email correspondence manager
  • Quoting and invoicing
  • Contact interaction history
  • Alerts and notifications

By relying upon X2Sales for sales management, your company’s revenue and sales performance will excel. X2Sales shows your opportunity pipeline, systemizes opportunity growth, improves prospect relationships, and avoids deals from falling through the cracks.

X2CRM Marketing


X2CRM considers marketing to be an essential component of customer relationships and purposefully designed X2CRM with integrated, highly useable marketing capabilities which can be effectively implemented and utilized by anyone in your organization. X2Marketing manages and optimizes campaigns, by offering:

  • Web lead capture forms
  • Lead scoring and lead routing
  • Website activity tracking
  • Contact lead routing
  • Campaign management and performance reports
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • Behavior tagging
  • Newsletters

Businesses benefit from utilizing the X2Marketing module to strengthen their brand, increase their reach and improve their connections. Because X2Marketing works with contact information from X2CRM’s centralized data source, campaigns are more accurate, information is not duplicated, and contact engagement is not outdated.


Every company has different security and accessibility rules, and team performance and customer trust depend on proper roles and administration implemented on data and interactions. X2CRM has the most robust level of accessibility and control with the user, team, role type security, plus field, module, and workflow accessibility.


X2CRM provides a deep level of reports and insights providing a 360-degree view of the customer. Management can understand marketing, sales, and support performance, while professionals can see how their activities are influencing customers in live activity feeds, alerts and dashboards.

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