“Low Hanging Fruit” increases the risk of Follow Up Fatigue

Over the last few weeks, we have talked about a real issue for sales and marketing professionals and that is Follow Up Fatigue. Follow Up Fatigue happens when you spend too much time following up on leads which are not your best leads. It is time consuming and negatively affects other areas of your business. […]

How to Make Your CRM Your Greatest Asset

Your CRM should be your company’s greatest sales asset, but, in reality, it is often treated as an annoying technology platform that salespeople, project managers, and many other employees are required to use. Why is that? Why do employees not take it seriously? It could be that it is the third CRM in 2 years. […]

More Sales Less Effort

Do you want to make more sales with less effort? If so, put your feet in your buyer’s shoes and imagine your buyer’s journey. The buyer’s journey, according to Hubspot, is a three-stage process. Awareness: The buyer realizes they have a problem Consideration: The buyer defines their problem and researches options to solve it Decision: […]