4 Ways to Make Your Marketing Survey Successful

In our last blog, we shared the relevancy of a survey in marketing strategies. We shared the importance of real feedback from real people, positioning yourself as an industry leader, and making better decisions with precise data gathered from the survey. If you missed it, you can read “3 Reasons Surveys Are Still Relevant”. We […]

3 Reasons Surveys Are Still Relevant

Recently, we launched a CRM survey to learn more about our industry and collect qualified data. Now before you think of someone like the Survey Ladies episode of the 1990’s cartoon, Animaniacs, we want to share 3 reasons why surveys are still relevant for marketing research and why you should consider working them into your […]

Bottom of the Funnel: How to Close the Sale

Over the last couple of blogs, we have been making our way through the responsibilities of the sales funnel. We have looked at the top of the funnel which is primarily the responsibility of Marketing. We have looked at the middle of the funnel which is shared responsibilities between Marketing and Sales. Finally, we will […]