3 Reasons Surveys Are Still Relevant

Recently, we launched a CRM survey to learn more about our industry and collect qualified data. Now before you think of someone like the Survey Ladies episode of the 1990’s cartoon, Animaniacs, we want to share 3 reasons why surveys are still relevant for marketing research and why you should consider working them into your marketing strategy.

  1. Receive real feedback from real people concerning your product, service, or industry.

    Surveys allow your customers to tell you how they feel and what they want or need. Since we as business owners are so close to our product, service and industry, surveys bring us down out of the expert cloud to hear from real people using the very products or services we have sold them. We often make assumptions about our customers’ perceptions of what we sold them, how prospects buy and make decisions, and what our customers want. Surveys deliver real feedback.

  2. Position yourself as an industry leader by engaging on relevant industry topics.

    Surveys present a unique opportunity to spotlight its author, your company, by posing key questions and compiling the results. Data is great but information leads to knowledge. Business people seek knowledge and, when you author meaningful results, your target market will view you as the guru and “go to” resource. These results become the content for your websites and digital marketing channels expanding the range of your industry engagement.

  3. Make better decisions with precise data gathering

    Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and platforms like Crazy Egg can help us understand user behavior online, but what about everyday engagement? None of these tell you how your client interacts with your product, your customer service group or perceives your industry day-to-day. Surveys give you the freedom to ask the right questions which results in precise data when you hear it straight from your customer. You can effectively gather information from customers from around the world and provide valuable information to help you make better decisions from design to user experience to marketing content.

Surveys are a great way to engage with clients, prospects and industry members. They produce insights into business practices, deliver real time answers and may uncover unhappy customers. Even in that dire case, it gives your business the chance to respond.  Nothing replaces engaging directly with customers and surveys are one way to stay ahead of the competition.

In our next blog, we will go a little deeper and share how you can effectively create your survey and market it. In the meantime, we would love you took the time to take our 1-minute survey. We will share the data after the survey ends and promise not to share your name or email. We value your feedback as well as your privacy.

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