Who Is Your Next Target: Your Current Clients, Referrers or Prospects

Last week, we talked about flipping the Sales Funnel upside down so that more selective prospects are attracted to you, generating more sales with less effort. Prospects, however, are only one part of building a durable and sustainable pipeline. Current clients and referral sources are more critical than prospects to establish a strong foundation for […]

Be Selective and Create Better Leads with an Upside Down Sales Funnel

When we go to business networking events and ask, “who is your audience,” we often here a one-word answer. Everyone! This answer is usually the result of a very ambitious new-to-sales salesperson or an unclear understanding of the company’s target customer. When there is not a clear understanding of your target, it is hard to […]

“Low Hanging Fruit” increases the risk of Follow Up Fatigue

Over the last few weeks, we have talked about a real issue for sales and marketing professionals and that is Follow Up Fatigue. Follow Up Fatigue happens when you spend too much time following up on leads which are not your best leads. It is time consuming and negatively affects other areas of your business. […]