How to reach more customers like your best customers

In our previous article, we asked “What do you know about your best customers to help you attract like-minded customers?” We explored this question, because every business wants more customers like their best customers. The best way to examine the how’s, why’s, when’s and what’s is by analyzing data in your CRM.

Once you understand your customer’s buying behavior and pattern, how do you reach more customers like them? We will focus on this question in this article by looking at two ways you can reach like-minded customers.

Using your CRM

Your CRM is a tool to centralize customer relationship communication. It should be used to customize messaging to attract qualified customers. And, this can be done when you understand your customers. Let’s look at a couple of examples:

  1. If you know that your best customers’ preferred method of contact is an email rather than texting or calling, you can use your CRM to automate email messages to attract new customers when they contact you. Automated emails can be in the form of drip campaigns to guide them to buy, or it can be in the form of triggers to send emails after they take an action.
  2. When new customers buy from you, you can set up reminders, and follow-ups, and send messages in a timely manner based on your best customers’ buying patterns.
  3. If you know that your best customers fall into 3 groups (for example, project managers who have the authority to make financial decisions, CFOs, and influencers who gather information for a decision maker like a business owner), you can create a lead generation form for each group. The lead generation forms can be put on specific website landing pages that speak to each group.

There are many ways you can use your CRM. The most effective way is to look at the common characteristics of your best customers and create content based on your discovery to attract like-minded customers.

Go where they go

In-person communication is still the best way to build business relationships. The data in your CRM (if you are recording it) can tell you where your customers’ network, what are their community and social interests, and where they like to meet. Here are a couple of examples that you might see in your data:

  1. If your customers like to attend weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly networking events either online or in-person, consider getting involved in networking events that make sense for you. If they are regular attenders of specific types of events, by getting involved in the same type of events, you are likely to meet like-minded customers.
  2. If your customers support specific charities, consider getting involved. Involvement can take different forms including financial support, sponsorship, or volunteering. The latter two can open opportunities for you with like-minded customers.
  3. If your best customers like to meet at coffee shops, you can set up meetings with new customers at a local coffee shop rather than a restaurant or a brewery. However, if many of your best customers like to meet at a brewery at the end of the day, consider making that suggestion to new customers.

Some of your best customers come from a spontaneous or scheduled conversation. Going where they go opens the door to conversation and to new opportunities.


Reaching more customers like your best customers can be done when you know your customers. A CRM is essential to understanding them. Without a CRM, you may not see the common characteristics like preferred method of contact or networking events. If you are considering a CRM, you can contact us to schedule a demo of X2CRM. With X2CRM, you can analyze your customers’ data, create and deliver effective content, and understand your best customers better so you can sell more with less effort.

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