Bobby’s Socks – Close More Sales with Less Headaches

Bobbys Socks sells children’s clothes online and in its retail store. It donates 5% of each purchase to charity and sends a special gift to each child after each purchase.

Spreadsheets Track Everything

Bobby used spreadsheets to track sales, donations, and gift fulfillment. What happened when a sale was made? The contact data for the purchaser, the child, the donation amount, and the fulfillment requirements were entered into multiple spreadsheets. 

“My processes were manual and time-consuming,” said Bobby. Bobby’s processes were logical but required the same data to be entered multiple times. Also, Bobby admitted that sometimes the child’s gifts were never sent, and the donations were not made.

Process Review

Bobby relied on her sales consultant to analyze her processes and recommend a solution.

The consultant recommended using X2CRM to manage her processes, track records, automate processes, and segment contacts to manage Bobby’s business.

X2CRM to the Rescue

Within 30 days, the consultant had X2CRM up and running. Here is what Bobby did:

  • Integrated X2CRM with its store’s Point of Sale system enabling purchase data to flow into X2CRM.
  • Connected her online portal to X2CRM so purchase data flowed into X2CRM.
  • Created a report that calculated the 5% donation on every purchase.
  • Triggered a Fulfillment Order to the warehouse to send each child a special gift.
  • Organized contact data by product, by geography, and by each child’s age.

Once up and running, Bobby saw the benefits.

What Were the Benefits

Bobby said, “I had no idea that our sales and customer data could be maintained in one place.” Here is what Bobby found:

  • Time allocation – Bobby no longer enters data. Rather, she focuses on marketing and new products.
  • No more spreadsheets – Tracking is done by X2CRM.
  • Donations – X2CRM records every donation amount and triggers a monthly reminder to submit the donation amount to each charity.
  • Fulfillment – When a sale is made, every child receives their gifts. We no longer forget to send the gift as notices are sent to the warehouse automatically.
  • Marketing – Email and text campaigns promoting specials are triggered by customer characteristics including product purchased and child’s age.

Bobby no longer faced the drudgery of manual tasks and reallocated her time to her highest priorities.

The Power of X2CRM to Promote Sales

CRMs come in all sizes and shapes, so buyer beware. Bobby’s Socks benefitted from X2CRMs ability to automate manual processes and segment its contacts. CRMs that don’t have this level of functionality are mere electronic rolodexes.

Bobby’s sales increased dramatically once the CRM was in place. Here are 3 examples:

  • Sales increased as promotional emails were personalized, based on prior purchases, and automated using the buyer’s buying patterns.
  • Children told their parents to buy more so they could receive another toy.
  • Product mix changed based on the data in the CRM.

Bobby’s Socks now closes more sales with less follow-up fatigue.

What can you do to close more sales

with less follow-up fatigue?

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