How to Build Client Relationships in the New “Normal”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At this very difficult time, nearly all of us are working from home. What can we do to build relationships with prospects, referrers, and clients? The new “normal” opens up many opportunities for relationship building.

For many of us, working full-time from home is the new norm. It is an adjustment after working in an office and networking, face to face, with friends, colleagues, and clients. This new “normal” means finding new ways to maintain contact with your business community.

Here are 4 ways to effectively use your time at home during the quarantine.

  1. Use Bounce Emails to Track Down ContactsWhen you send out an eblast, you check the open and click rate to see who interacted with the email. What about the bounce rate? A bounced email is an email that was not delivered. Take a look at those bounced emails. Perhaps the individual moved to another company. Call the company (or their office number if you have it) and see if they are still holding a position there. Check LinkedIn and see if they have updated their profile. Ask a mutual acquaintance if they know anything. If you are able to track them down, you can re-establish a business relationship.
  2. Send a Note in the MailTake a moment to send a note in the mail. Tell your clients how much you appreciate their business and hope they are staying well. Also, tell them that you will continue to be available to support them. Although this can be down through email, a personalized note will make more of an impact.
  3. Scan Your Business CardsDo you have piles of business cards taking up space on your desk and shelves? Choose one of any number of mobile apps to scan those cards. Most apps let you see your contacts in a spreadsheet where you can edit them easily. Once they are proofed, upload those contact records into your CRM and start reaching out to those contacts who you have not spoken to in a while. They will appreciate the outreach from you.
  4. Connect to Your Clients and Their Connections Through LinkedInTake advantage of LinkedIn and connect with your clients, prospects, and referrers. Post updates on LinkedIn so they can see you are active during the quarantine. If you are connected to them, you can see their activity. Commenting on their posts builds your connection with them both on and off of LinkedIn. You can also see who is connected to them and you can ask your contact to make an introduction.

As we overcome this terrible virus, we need to operate within the new normal. Reaching out and asking “How is your family?” will go along way to making others feel good and appreciate your effort. For many, business is still moving forward. Do not get left behind just because you can not meet your key contacts, old and new, in person. If you have questions about our recommendations, give us a call at 301-332-0613.


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