Gamify Your CRM for Success

How can you make your CRM fun to use? Whether you are a solopreneur or VP of Sales, you are more likely to get the team on board when it is fun to use the CRM. 

Who Likes a CRM?

Many salespeople shudder when you mention CRMs. They think drudgery; it’s another system to learn; and more control by the boss. They are right (sort of) and that is why making it fun is so important.

What Makes a CRM Fun?

Nothing really. However, you can add Leaderboards with rewards. Introduce friendly competition and watch as sales reps sharpen their focus. Set goals relating to CRM milestones and report results in real-time in the CRM.

You will enjoy seeing reps paying attention to the CRM actions and milestones let alone new sales.

It’s All About Pipeline Management

Why make a CRM fun? For two reasons:

  • Most sales reps don’t want to be bothered and you need them to use the CRM.
  • Managing your sales pipeline with a CRM leads to more sales and less stress.

Whether you are on your own or managing a team, building the sustainable pipeline based on your buyer’s sales cycle is the purpose of the CRM.

Getting the team to jump on board is easier when you introduce some friendly games. 

How Do I Get Bang for My Buck from My CRM?

Many businesses that have CRMs underutilize them. A robust CRM with automation and segmentation will produce revenue for you once you allow it! 

Robust CRMs help you manage your sales pipeline with built-in sales funnels:

  • Visualize the sales process with prospects at each stage.
  • Move a prospect from stage 1 to stage 2 and trigger external communications and internal reminders.
  • Reduce updates needed since the results are in the pipeline.
  • See the stage where prospects bog down and adjust their buying journey.

As the owner or VP of Sales, building and managing your sales pipeline is made easier when your CRM manages the sales process.

A CRM’s Power

A robust CRM differentiates from lesser products based on the support it provides to your sales process:

  • Email and text campaigns that trigger automatically based on preset factors.
  • Email templates that auto-populate and replace repetitive manual emails.
  • Lead scoring so that reps spend their time on their best prospects.
  • Reports to show which prospects were not contacted in the last 30 days.
  • Leaderboards that report on your agreed-upon metrics and milestones.

If your CRM is not helping you produce revenue, then perhaps you are not using it to its fullest extent or it is limited.

Perhaps sales aren’t rising as fast as you want, or your sales reps are loafing. In either case, we’d love to talk about how to build your pipeline and have fun using your CRM!

Let’s meet to talk about building your sales pipeline?

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