Greater Washington Business Roundtable and Other Events

Our Greater Washington Business Roundtable will meet on October 16th from 8:30-10am. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month and we seek bright, articulate business people to keep us sharp. If you fit the bill, please registerand join a group of serious business people who like to have fun.

Our Roundtable is unique as we provide a safe environment where you can exchange ideas and build relationships. We are not a meat market! Rather, we are B2B, we are free, and our members conduct business with each other.

This month, Craig Kates, Edge Commercial Real Estate, will lead a discussion about “How to Protect Yourself When Leasing Office Space. Craig specializes in tenant representation and will help position you for your next lease. Our sessions are interactive and filled with intellect and humor. I know that you will fit in perfectly.

At the Roundtable, there are very few rules and no obligations – other than to be a “serious business person who likes to have fun.” Please click here to register and join us for our 38th straight Roundtable. We are meeting at Serendipity Labs at 4500 East West Hwy, Suite 125, Bethesda, MD. Kudos to Tres Patton, our friend and Roundtable member for hosting us.

October 10th, 2019, 12-1:30pm at the Mason Enterprise Center in Fairfax

Lunch & Learn: Fatten the Middle of Your Sales Funnel – The Key to More Sales

How many contacts do you meet before you meet a qualified lead? What is your ratio of contacts to qualified leads? How would you feel if that ratio were higher? As business owners and sales professionals, we often meet more than enough contacts but converting those contacts into sales remains the challenge.

What does the middle of your Sales Funnel look like? Analyze the ways in which you can “Fatten Your Sales Funnel’s Middle.” If you suffer from SFMM (Sales Funnel Malnutrition of the Middle), then join us to explore why that happens and what you can do about it. You will learn about marketing and sales actions based on your current funnel’s shape and apply strategies that respond to the opportunities and threats presented by your sales funnel.

Take Aways – You will learn strategies to:

    1. Expand the middle of your Sales Funnel.
    2. Increase your sales conversion rate.
    3. Know what a qualified lead looks like.
    4. Engage your prospects during their buying journey.
    5. Use Client Acquisition Costs when qualifying leads.