Engage, Relate, Convert – Using a CRM to Make Your Life Easier

Forrester Research reports that leads nurtured in a customer relationship management (CRM) system will convert 47 percent of the time, and that conversion rates can improve by 300 percent with a CRM in place. Additionally, CRM can boost purchase value by 40 percent.

These are powerful statistics to consider as we move toward 2019. What are the reasons for these numbers? Today’s world demands real engagement and deep relationships with customers and prospects. Attention spans are short and our targets use multiple devices and follow multiple social media channels.

CRMs provide the infrastructure you need to build your relationships. It is impossible to touch all your contacts on a consistent and in person basis. Good CRMs enable you to:

  • Communicate automatically about your brand in a way that is authentic, organic, personalized and useful to your customers and prospects using email drips.
  • Set up dynamic marketing lists defined by you that are always up to date.
  • Send out one-off marketing campaigns and newsletters based on preset targets.
  • Drive traffic to specific landing pages using segmented marketing lists.
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction and buying patterns.
  • Deliver messaging to social media channels based on your contacts’ social media profiles.
  • Automate manual administrative processes. If you can create a process in your mind, you can create it in our CRM.
  • Create actions for every contact so that you can follow up with ease.
  • Maintain all emails, comments, quotes and actions in one place so that you have your notes in front of you when communicating with them.
  • Measure what you are doing.

A best-in-class CRM enables company-wide collaboration and information sharing to deliver excellent service and to increase overall sales team productivity. They allow you to see a 360-degree view of customers and prospects and as Forrester’s study stated, survey respondents saw a 20 percent overall decrease in labor costs.

We all share the same goals for customer satisfaction, business efficiency and revenue growth. A good CRM is the key tool to making sure you achieve these important goals. Save time and money and use your CRM to propel you into 2019.

If your CRM isn’t making your life easier or, if you do not have one, CLICK HERE and let us help you make 2019 a great, great year!

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