Dominate Search Engine Results with SEO (Part 2)

Continued from last week … Here are other suggestions to think about if you want to dominate SEO results.

Use social media to involve your customers. Engage with your brand and talk to your clients and viewers. Without this, you are just another faceless business. Think of it as time to get personal with your clients by using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Be selective in the sites you join because a loyal customer base is key (quality versus quantity).

Another great way to ensure that much-coveted #1 spot is by “earning links.” Inbound links are paramount. One of the best ways to get links is to provide quality objective research to your industry. Highlight competitors who do a great job and offer insights that anyone in your industry will value. When you produce content that others find useful to their viewers, they will share it.

What continues to be the mainstay for SEO experts? Keywords! Know and understand traffic patterns, buying habits, and purchase patterns. This helps you target people in a more efficient and productive manner. Using this kind of in-depth research can yield continued success. Choose one keyword and keyword phrase for a targeted page and include the keyword phrase in relevant locations two to three times in the content.

A tech expert once said, “Whenever somebody asks me how long search engine optimization takes, I counter by asking them, ‘How long does marketing take?'” SEO is a long-term marketing tactic, which requires time and an ongoing investment. Plan on being in it for the long haul. Once you commit, you’ll find that SEO is a marketing strategy with one of the best ROIs.

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