Are You and Your Buyers Compatible

What makes you compatible with a prospective buyer? Isn’t it likely that a buyer will buy from a seller with whom the buyer is compatible, comfortable, and trusting?

Yes, your price has to be sharp. Though, it’s likely you’ll be told what price you need to hit when you and your buyer are really compatible. What does compatible mean?

Business Compatibility

The first and easiest way to build compatibility is to find common interests. See our blog titled, “Common Interests Lead to Sales” to see a great opening line to use when meeting someone for the first time.

Once you learn that your prospect and you have common interests, you have the chance to move up the prospect’s relationship ladder. When you have 2+ interests in common, you zoom up the relationship ladder.

Why is this important? You have the inside track to build buyer confidence and trust. Buyers buy from sellers with whom they have common interests, all other factors being equal.

Why are Bowling and Opera Important?

It does not matter what the interests are, just find common interests. When you do, you achieve two outcomes:

  • Learn about your prospects’ priorities, values, and flash points. 
  • Have the opportunity to influence the scope of work and suggest valuable needs that only your solution solves. 

Both help you navigate the closing process.

Ellen Crane Bookkeeping Company 

Ellen Crane owns her bookkeeping company, is shy, and hates marketing. Her success is due to narrowly defining her target market, finding qualified prospects, and nurturing them based on common interests.

Ellen uses X2CRM to manage her relationships. She developed a set of questions that she asks prospects and clients to learn more about them. She maintains answers in X2CRM and sorts by answer. It is amazing what she learned.

Segment Your Audience

Customers do not buy the same way. Buying behaviors are influenced by factors including age, gender, industry, geography, interests, and social media preferences. Send the same message to everyone and you turn off most people.

Ellen used X2CRM to segment contacts across many factors including answers to her questions. X2CRM’s Dynamic List updates automatically when new contacts are added. Ellen’s lists are always up to date and ready for her next segmented email campaign.

Automate Outreach

Repetitive emails can be automated. Ellen created an email and text campaign that runs for 60 days from when she meets a Very Important Prospect (VIP). Her VIPs are prospects where she and they have at least 2 commonalities.

Based on shared interests, her prospects receive a series of emails and texts that include bookkeeping tips and references to their shared interests. Calls to action are included in each email or text so her audience can engage with her. Ellen and her 2 salespeople get reminders to follow up with specific VIPs

Templates that Autofill

Salespeople often are bad writers. Ellen set up 3 email templates for her salespeople to use after they meet someone for the first time, after the first meeting, and after a first telephone call. The 3 emails autofill based on purpose and save her salespeople so much time.

Ellen’s Success

Ellen’s revenue has grown 20% per year for 3 years in a row. “Not bad for a very shy bookkeeper,” she says. 

Ellen understands the power of Compatibility and used her CRM to promote her business relationships.

Just like Ellen, I like to connect on a personal level. 

Let’s Meet and learn more about Your Favorite Interests

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