3 CRM Features that will boost your Sales and Marketing

As much as we enjoyed the holidays and ringing in the new year, it is time to get back to business…literally. We hope that you are anticipating success and growth in 2019 with your business. Effective marketing and selling are keys to growth and benefitting from your CRM’s features will help close more sales and touch your clients and targets more frequently with less effort.

We want to share 3 CRM features that when used consistently will help boost sales and conversions.

  1. Automation –
    Sales involves knowing your product, knowing your customer, follow up and more follow up. Multiply that by 10, 20 or 30+ leads and that is too much for anyone to remember. Good CRMs rely on automation to trigger actions, reminders, and emails based on your organization’s work flow.The key is to know your workflow so that you can set the triggers in your CRM. Setting up the triggers may take time up front, but it is an investment that pays off. Set up external drip campaigns with Calls to Action and internal workflows to help your team track projects. Your customer will not feel forgotten and your team will feel less stress.
  2. Sales Funnel
    What tool do you use to manage your prospects? What are the stages that you complete in your sales process? What is the sales value of your sales pipeline? A good CRM puts this information at your fingertips. If you manage other sales people, knowing the status of each prospect is critical.As a sales team, decide what are the stages of your sales cycle and define the key benchmarks. Add the stages of your new sales cycle into your CRM. Enable sales staff to control its prospects and opportunities and manage their status within the stages of your sales cycle. At all times, you will know where you stand with every prospect. Add revenue estimates for each prospect and see the “Sales Value” of your cumulative prospects and opportunities.
  3. Dynamic Email Lists –
    There is a myth going around that email marketing is dead. We can confidently say it is not…when it is used correctly. One of the biggest mistakes that companies do with their CRM contacts is send emails to everyone, every time. Email marketing is very effective when content is generated for customers and leads with specific needs. A good CRM enables you to launch targeted email campaigns with ease using personalized messaging and dynamic contact lists.Dynamic lists are updated every time you add a new contact that meets the list’s criteria. Create your library of personalized emails in the CRM so that your emails greet the recipient by name, refers to a second or third piece of information from the CRM that is relevant to them. A good CRM gives you unlimited data fields and the ability to modify your forms based on what works best for you.

There are many CRMs in the marketplace with a wide range of capabilities. We highlighted 3 great ways to use your CRM to help you close more sales and streamline your sales process. If you have a CRM that does not help you with the Best Practices above or you want a CRM to benefit from the Best Practices above, we would love to talk to you about CRM solutions that can help you sell and market effectively. Click here to contact us.

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