Say Goodbye to Follow-Up Fatigue

In the fast-paced sales world, sales professionals often experience follow-up fatigue (FUF). The constant pursuit of leads and the pressure to meet targets can take a toll on anyone.

Fear not! There are tactics to revitalize your sales team and overcome FUF.


Primary causes include:

  • Wrong leads – garbage in, garbage out.
  • Sales managers are not up to date and sales meetings are terrible.
  • Bland outbound communications – each rep has its own messaging.

The causes are endless, and many sales teams suffer FUF.


Whether you are a VP of Sales or Owner, figuring out how to close more sales with less effort is your focus. Here are several ways.

Qualify Leads Wisely

The fastest way to increase your sales conversion rate is to reduce the number of unlikely buyers you meet. To find great leads, identify where your 10 most important clients hang out (networking, social media) and be there.

Answer the question, “Which prospects have the highest potential for conversion?” Use pain points, budget, timeline, and authority as qualifying criteria. Rate prospects in your CRM and allocate effort based on ratings.

Enhance Communications

Managing people is exhausting. When salespeople don’t update their boss, sales meetings last too long and everyone leaves disgruntled and demotivated.

Effective sales teams track leads in their CRM. Reports are available prior to meetings and the “exceptions” are managed. Sales meetings focus on the future and don’t get bogged down due to no preparation.

Personalize Communications

Communicating with every lead is exhausting. How many repetitive emails do you write to leads? Perhaps 5 repetitive emails over your sales cycle? Each sales rep may have 5 emails with its own style and format. 

When each rep writes in its own style, uses an old logo, or has a grammatical error, the company’s brand is compromised. How can you ease your sales reps’ burdens and promote your brand?

  • Use your CRM’s email template builder to house the emails.
  • Personalize each email using your CRM’s mail merge function.
  • Train reps about the benefits of the built in emails that are sent from your CRM.

By tailoring messages to address a lead’s pain points, sales reps will stand out from the competition.

Automate or Evaporate

It’s an old slogan but it rings true. Effective sales teams use CRM automations to support their sale initiatives.

A few great automation examples are:

  • Professional Service Firm purchases leads which triggers a 30 day, 8 touch text and email campaign.
  • Public Relations Firm delivers client reports with results calculated by the CRM.
  • Construction Company tracks leads through its sales funnel that triggers emails and reminders to the assigned rep.

Automation does not replace your personal touch. It is a tool to help you touch more leads than you can do on your own.


Enhance your sales process with these CRM actions to produce new revenue and free you up for your highest priorities. Imagine when you have 8 hours per week because you automated routine outreach…

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