I’ve Been Promoted to VP of Sales – Now What?

Ellie Dimond was promoted to Vice President of Sales for ZANO Products, a distributor of plasticware to retailers. Previously, ZANO’s owner, Michael Zanowitz (MZ), ran sales and was old school.

Ellie asked to make changes and MZ said, “Tell me what you need, and I will be supportive.” Ellie and the sales reps agreed to several priorities: 

  • Identify renewal orders.
  • Build consistent follow-up with personalized offers.
  • Reduce repetitive, manual tasks.
  • Improve communications about lead status.
  • Get a CRM to execute items 1 to 4!

The last item was really important to Ellie as the newly appointed VP!


ZANO’s Clients 

The team reviewed client buying patterns: what was purchased and how often – and realized 3 opportunities for X2CRM’s automation powers:

  • Trigger reorder reminders to the reps and retailers.
  • Trigger promotional discounts based on prior purchases.
  • Identify single product buyers that might buy multiple products.

X2CRM’s ability to help them reach their sales goals was clear. 


Data Loaded, Blast Off! 

Using client data, the team began its “Renewal Campaigns” based on client buying patterns (i.e., order volume and frequency, 1 or 2+ products, years as a client).


Each rep had assigned clients and X2CRM began sending “Rep Reminders” to call each client. The results were amazing! Clients loved getting phone calls, one day after receiving personalized emails. Reorders were on the rise.


Who Hasn’t Ordered in the Last X Days?

ZANO saw its CRM’s power! “Wow! I can see who hasn’t ordered from us in the past 30 days. I also can see my sales pipeline – who is likely to order from us in the next 30 days.” said Zanowitz.


The Sales Funnel

The team wanted to track prospects and reorders. They knew the sales funnel was a great way to communicate a prospect’s or pending order’s status. Also, CRM notes, tasks, and emails were in X2CRM’s activity log and for each client’s record.

Sales meetings became fluid immediately. Everyone was prepared and on the same page. The data was up to date as it was entered 24/7. Meetings focused on the exceptions and gave reps a chance to learn from each other.


Specialized Offers to Special Clients

The team set up a special, automated promotion for its buyers using X2CRM to trigger different promotions to different audiences. 3 promotional levels were defined and 50% of ZANO’s clients received promotional discounts.

Sales reps received Rep Reminders to follow up on the promotions and reorders exploded. The team experienced the power of automation combined with their personal follow-up as ingredients for success.


ZANO’s Team Success

The team succeeded in growing ZANO’s sales for many reasons. They combined their personal relationships with the support of X2CRM to reach prospects, track prospects and orders, and build relationships.

They were smart. They used X2CRM to do the repetitive, mundane tasks.


The Impact – More time to spend with their best clients and prospects!


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