In the New Year, Revisit Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is a high-level plan of action set to achieve your goals. How do you know if your marketing strategy is working? Companies use data, collected from the implementation of the strategy’s tactics, to help them make informed decisions, make necessary adjustments, and stay on track to achieve their goal.

Here are 4 areas where we believe you should use your data to revisit your marketing strategy on a regular basis.

  1. Brand Identity – Do your customers know clearly who you are and what you offer by their interaction (i.e. website visits, social media engagements, lead-to-conversion ratio)? Your data can tell you if they understand or if they are confused. If they are confused, then you need to revisit your brand identity and make sure you can convey a clear message.
  2. Audience’s Behavioral Patterns – When you created your marketing strategy, you defined an audience whether it was from focus groups or industry data. The audience may be the same, but their behavioral patterns may have changed. What does your data show? Do they have the same interests? What do their buying habits look like compared to the beginning of the marketing strategy? Revisiting your audience’s behavioral patterns shows that you are listening, understanding and staying connected so that you can meet their needs.
  3. Content – It is easy to steer off course with content and branding especially if you are working with different markets and targets. Revisiting your content means doing an audit of your visuals and copy. Data like social media engagement and website heatmaps (which is a visualization of user behavior – clicks, mouse movements,) are extremely helpful. Do the images and the tone of your copy create an emotional connection or bring confusion through engagement?
  4. Processes – Many companies have sales processes and use a CRM to track leads. As you revisit your audience’s behavioral patterns, are your processes as efficient as they can be? Does your CRM have new or legacy features which you are not utilizing that will help you streamline the sales process? By revisiting your processes regularly (quarterly, annually,) and making necessary changes, you will ensure  that you are not making the process any harder than it needs to be for your sales staff and your customer.

Don’t fall under the assumption that once a marketing strategy is in place, it is good to go. A strategy is to help guide you, but for it to be successful, you need to revisit it. If you have questions about creating or auditing your marketing strategy, we would love to begin a conversation with you. Click here to contact us.

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