“I Used to Hate CRMs”

“Oh yeah, I hated CRMs” said so many of our clients. While funny, it is a recurring theme. So many prospects focus on what if it fails. Others focus on what if it succeeds and builds revenue


Many clients confess to resisting their consultants and sales teams that asked for a CRM. “I did not understand its power,” said one client. Another said, “I’m afraid it will disrupt the office.”


A CRM must help you produce new revenue. That is its #1 purpose! Used effectively, your CRM will help you:


  • Convert more sales per prospect (conversion rate).
  • Retain clients and expand client sales.
  • Free up 4 to 8 hours per week.


Imagine when you have an extra 4 to 8 hours per week. On what priorities will you spend your time? 


#1 Priority – Revenue


What will you do with an extra 4 to 8 hours per week? Two potential focal points are:


  • Current clients.
  • Very Intentional Prospects (VIPs)


While you may choose bowling or opera, clients and VIPs are critical to stable, long-term profits. Spending extra time on both segments yields greater client loyalty and higher conversion rates.


Touching Your Important Peeps


Whether it is your client or VIP, touch them with relevant content on a consistent and frequent basis. Your goal is to:




The messages for these two groups are different yet they share the same goal. It also still takes up to twelve touches to close most sales and that is where a CRM supports your individualized touch.


Clients want personalized, educational content about the product or service they have purchased. When you monitor their purchasing history, demographics, interests, and communications channels, you can:


  • Tailor messaging down to the account level.
  • Send re-order promotions.
  • Remind yourself to visit your clients during non-buying periods.


VIPs expect and respect relentless follow-up. VIPs want to know they are making the right decision when they hire you. Your VIPs are in your sweet spot so you can:

  • Trigger personalized emails based on where they are in your sales funnel.
  • Drive VIPs to landing pages and demo the product.
  • Remind sales reps to call on VIPs right after emails are sent automatically.
  • Identify where VIPs stall in your sales process.

Make your VIPs feel important, and your conversion rate will increase.

How Does A CRM Help?


How can you touch all prospects twelve times to make a sale? You cannot!


Your CRM can:


  • Identify VIPs using your own rating method.
  • Segment contacts into groups by your criteria.
  • Automate half the outreach using personalized emails and texts.
  • Track prospects across sales stages.
  • Track prospects by Rep.
  • Centralize notes, tasks, emails, quotes, and service requests.


Follow-up is the differentiator among salespeople, and your CRM enables you to manage clients and prospects easily.


Overcoming CRM Hatred


If you hate CRMs, we can show you how to Increase Revenue and Find 4 to 8 hours per week. Set Up a meeting today!!

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