How CRM Can Help You Convert Leads

Just as your sales and marketing teams collaborate when trying to secure a prospective client, so should your marketing and sales software. So, for your business to be successful, every department needs to know what works for each other.

For example, a marketer producing a potential lead and knowing exactly how this customer came to be has value only if the outcome of that lead once it was passed on to the sales department is known. Was the lead converted to a customer? Knowing this information is vital to the ongoing success of your company. A quality CRM will help you track prospects, automate your developments, and rid your processes of errors and data duplication during the life cycle of a lead. Here are some key strategies:

Make Your Message Stand Out – Great messaging isn’t about your product. It’s about people’s core values, what they believe in, and what’s important to them. It’s also about coming across as honest and authentic. Here are some great messages:

  • BMW, the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” Safety.
  • Nike’s “Just Do It.” Inspiring.
  • FedEx’s “We Live to Deliver.” Dependable delivery.

Define Your Target Audience – The best way to promote your brand is to understand that you can’t appeal to everyone. Take the game of darts, for instance. The object is to hit the board. If you throw your darts without aiming at the board, you won’t be a winner. However, if you hit the board, you’ll definitely be popular with everyone! And if you really focus on your aim and hit the bull’s eye, you’ll be a hero!

Build a Trustworthy Website – It only takes a few seconds for someone to decide whether or not they want to stay or leave your website. This can be the difference between a sale and a lost customer. So, it’s important that your website makes people feel that your company is moral, that information is correct, that your products are reliable, and that you have their best interest in mind.

Optimize your sales process – The sales process is multi-faceted and sometimes very stressful. A good CRM encompasses an infrastructure that manages numerous follow-up tasks for easier execution. It allows you to set up notifications to reconnect with clients, for deadlines, demos, and data updates. It allows you to improve your workflow, eliminate mistakes, and never miss an event. And the best thing is that it helps you and your sales team find the 20% of your contacts that generate 80% of your results.

We hope these ideas will be helpful in increasing your website’s visibility, managing contacts, and taking full benefit of a good CRM system that can provide your employees with tools for successful implementation and execution. We, at CCC, can be of help as we provide Microsoft and Adobe software training, install CRMs to maximize your sales and marketing campaigns, and develop inbound web strategies to help develop a growing list of new clientele for your business.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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