Four CRM Trends Emerging in 2021

We are halfway through 2021 and we are seeing many changes in the world of sales and marketing that will change how we sell and market moving forward. One area is in the technology of CRM. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, the trends in the way we use CRM platforms and what they offer are the same. We all use our CRM to nurture and build relationships with prospects and customers.

As we look at the trends, we see a common denominator, and that is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI includes machine learning and predictive analytics. As your CRM learns about your customers’ behavior and buying patterns, the following trends will continue to evolve.

Integration with IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to physical devices that are connected to the internet which collect and share data. Examples include smart thermostats connected to an app on your phone or a touchscreen refrigerator. CRMs are beginning to integrate with IoT devices to collect data and nurture better customer relationships.

AI-powered Customer Service

Automation is a wonderful tool, but people still prefer to hear a voice. With the rise of chatbots and conversation applications, CRMs are starting to provide automated customer service through innovative voice technology and machine learning. AI-powered customer service will help the customer solve their need without waiting for a live operator and will record each interaction in the customer’s account.

Social Media Integration

CRMs already give business owners the ability to post content and track activity by prospects and customers on their social profiles, but it is continuing to grow into a valuable asset. CRMs are starting to integrate with social media analytics and data, so businesses can gain better insight into their customers from personality and interests to buying patterns.

All-in-one platform

Gone are the days where you need a separate platform for lead generation, customer contact management, email marketing, and project management. CRMs are beginning to offer features that provide a holistic journey for the customer. Businesses will not need to spend money on several platforms such as social media scheduling and website chatbot to achieve their business goals. Soon they will be able to centralize their sales and marketing strategy with their CRM.


There is a reason that we are seeing these CRM trends. Businesses want to leverage technology to build customer relationships, grow their business and increase their revenue. Now is the time to consider a CRM for your business. Whether you are fully in-office, fully remote, or in a hybrid model, a CRM will help you close sales faster, retain customers, and make better business decisions. We are an X2CRM premier partner. Contact us at 301-332-0613 or fill out the form to schedule a demo and learn how X2CRM can help your business grow.

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