CCC CRM Powered by X2CRM

CCC CRM Converts Leads to Sales

CCC CRM, powered by X2CRM, converts prospects to sales and enhances service to current clients. You can send automatic emails, set follow up actions and evaluate client buying patterns from your dashboards.

CCC CRM features help you touch your target audience more often than you can do on your own and frees you up to pursue higher level sales goals.

Building relationships with customers, members and constituents is the foundation of every organization. Building your CRM sales and marketing funnel is central to creating a sustainable sales pipeline whether you are a solopreneur or Vice President of Sales.

As people hate to be sold but love to buy, how you touch your prospects and make them buyers and referrers is both an art and a science.

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CRM Sales Funnel

X2CRM, Salesforce, and Hubspot Comparison




Track contacts, prospects, referrers and clients

Communicate automatically to each contact type


Create preset dynamic contact list

Set actions for every contact to make follow up easy

Track leads and opportunities

Communicate automatically to contacts for each opportunity


Set actions for each opportunity

Score opportunities and leads

Manage the sales process by stage

Track orders, projects and jobs across stages

Create, send, and manage quotes

Manage service requests using automated actions

Track and respond automatically to website activity

Deliver social media to channels based on contacts’ interests

Roles and permissions




Measure your results based on your criteria

Maintain all emails, comments, actions and quotes in one place

CCC CRM Implementation and Features Include

  • Track prospects, referrers and opportunities.
  • Communicate automatically to prospects and clients.
  • Create preset targets for marketing campaigns.
  • Set actions for every contact to make follow up easy.
  • Deliver messaging to social media channels based on your contacts’ social media profiles.
  • Tracks projects and set automatic actions and reminders.
  • Maintain all contact info in one place.
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction and buying patterns.
  • Measure your sales results based on your criteria.

Do you want to close more sales?

Do you want to shorten your sales cycle?

Do you want more qualified leads?

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