3 Tips to Help You Close More Sales

As an owner or VP of Sales, your watchful eyes and sales processes are keys to success. You have to close your own sales, guide sales reps, and know whether you are on track.

Your purpose is to exceed your sales goals. As a sales leader, how do you:

  • Track your sales team’s activities?
  • Allocate time based on prospect qualifications?
  • Expand sales to existing customers?

Given the pressure to excel, what are the best ways to keep your pulse on sales? Here are 3 examples of how to AMP UP your sales team.

Who Has Not Been Engaged With in the Past 30 Days?

Bones, Inc. is a chiropractic practice with 5 sales reps. Bobby Bones is its sales manager and uses X2CRM to stay on top of his sales team’s activities. “In our business, touching personal injury attorneys is our strategy and I have my 30-Day Report.”

Bob’s “30-Day Report” shows what referring attorneys have not been touched in 30 days. None of Bob’s reps want to have contacts on that list!

How To Allocate Time?

Numbers Inc. is a bookkeeping service with 2 sales reps. The team meets a lot of people and they rank their new contacts in X2CRM. “We can’t spend the same time with everyone,” says the sales team. “Not everyone needs a bookkeeper,” says the owner.

Today, they spend 80% of their time with “A&B” prospects who meet specific criteria. They research “C” prospects as there can be “diamonds in the rough.” Numbers Inc. has doubled its closing rate since changing how they allocate time.

Finding Your Best Customers

Clean Inc. sells cleaning supplies to property management firms of 3 types: Customers who buy either 1, 3 to 5, or 6+ products. They wanted to find more customers who would buy multiple products but how?

They analyzed current customers and defined the traits of the multi-product buyers. They had data in X2CRM about where they met them and what social media channels they used. Today, Clean Inc’s multi-product buyers are 50% of its customer base – a 100% increase over the prior year.

What Do Bones Inc, Numbers Inc, and Clean Inc. Have in Common?

Business owners and Sales Managers who care about closing deals and exceeding sales goals. At Bones, Numbers, and Clean, marketing and sales teams use X2CRM.

The company leaders run sales and know:

  • What sales rep has touched what prospect and when.
  • Who are the Á&B” prospects and where are they in the sales funnel.
  • Who buys what and when?
  • Where to find more customers like their best customers.

At each company, sales meetings are productive as the facts are well known!

Your CRM’s Power

CRMs help you produce revenue. A robust CRM will enable you to spend priority time with your best clients and prospects. A robust CRM will help your sales reps:

  • Increase your conversion rate.
  • Close more sales with less follow-up fatigue.

A robust CRM keeps you up to date, eliminates manual tasks, and centralizes notes, tasks, emails, and quotes in your client’s record.

Want to learn how you can free up 4 to 8 hours per week for your highest priorities?


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