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CCC Solutions helps our clients manage and reach their target audiences using CRM, marketing strategies and web outreach. Our clients are executives, administrators, end users, web and database developers, business developers, office managers, and marketing and graphics professionals. Our clients are federal and state agencies and private business organizations both for profit and not for profit including trade associations, professional service firms, construction companies and government contractors.

Our clients ask us to install and support our Customer Relationship Management software to organize their marketing, sales and client relationships. Our government and business executives know that managing contacts, automating marketing actions, and following up is the key to achieving success! Our CRM platform enables our clients to create marketing campaigns, prioritize their contact follow ups and to track their lead and referral sources.

To help our clients reach their targets, we design, develop and enhance websites to ensure internet marketing strategies are executed. We plan with you to define targets, determine where they hang out, what their user behavior is like and what message they want to hear. Using SEO, email campaigns and social media strategies, we execute message and content actions to build and enhance your brand.

CCC also provides software training across Microsoft, Adobe, and proprietary software applications to help equip our clients with the power available to them in the software they have purchased. Our services include instructor led, in person and online, and Computer Based Training where the training subjects are specific to our client’s internal training needs. Bridging the gap between your staff and its software is our goal. We are excited when our students’ eyes light up and say they will save many hours each week based on our Microsoft and Adobe training courses.



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