4 Ways to Strengthen Customer Relationships

Over the last few months, we have written several blogs about the sales funnel, qualified leads, and follow up fatigue. Building your client base is hard work, but when you follow proven methods, you are rewarded with great customers. It is also hard work to nurture and retain customers. When we forget to nurture existing […]

Building Referral Sources that Produce Amazing Leads

As B2B businesses, we all love referrals. Why? The answer is simple. They usually come from qualified sources such as a customer or partner. Referrals already have a level of trust because they trust the referrer. When the referral becomes a customer, they are loyalty and retention as a customer is 16% higher than non-referral […]

4 things a small business website must have to convert sales

Your website is the online presence of your brand. It is always the second touchpoint experience for the user. We say second because the experience guides them to your website such as a social media post, a search engine result, a business card, or a conversation with you, the business owner. The initial touchpoint experience […]

Is Your Lead Qualified? Ask these 4 Questions

Getting leads is hard work. Getting qualified leads is even harder work but very rewarding when those leads turn into customers. A few months ago, we wrote a series on Follow Up Fatigue and the importance of a strong sales funnel that attracts qualified leads. Even with all the hard work, an unqualified lead can […]