What is a Drip Campaign and Why Should I Care?

When you hear the word drip, you probably think of annoying water drips from a faucet. In sales and marketing, drip is a good thing. A drip campaign is a marketing strategy that sends automated emails or “drips” with pre-written content to customers and prospects over time. A drip campaign is also referred to as […]

CCC Tutorial: Using Excel’s Paste Special to Copy Complex Items

How often do you paste data into an Excel spreadsheet or from one Excel spreadsheet to another? So often that you use command + V without even realizing it. It is second nature. What happens when you need to copy and paste complex items? This is where Paste Special becomes your best friend. Paste Special […]

Respond Faster and De-Clutter Your Inbox with Outlook Rules – Part Two

Recently, we shared how Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to manage emails and direct specific emails to specific folders enabling you to respond in a timely manner. Rules automate your emails based on criteria. If you missed our newsletter on creating new or custom Outlook rules, you can read it here. This week, learn how to […]

Four Benefits of Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Many people love YouTube. Why? Because they can watch almost anything from funny cat videos to instructional car repair videos for specific makes and models. Although funny videos are a nice break from reality, we are going to focus on the benefits of using video in your marketing strategy. Recently, we added a new section […]