Hiding Columns and Rows in Excel

Need to present a summary spreadsheet without showing the details needed to make them? Or do you need to print or view a portion of a large spreadsheet without being distracted by its intermediary sections? Hide or unhide rows and columns in Excel by following these steps:

  1. To hide a row(s), select the cells and then press Ctrl+9. To unhide a row(s), select cells containing the range of the hidden row(s) and press Ctrl+Shift+9.
  2. To hide a column(s), select the cells and press Ctrl+0. To unhide a column(s), select the cells containing the range of the hidden column(s) and press Ctrl+Shift+0.
  3. Need to unhide rows and columns on a whole worksheet? Press Ctrl+A to select all cells in the sheet. Press Ctrl+Shift+9, and then press Ctrl+Shift+0.

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