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Here are some tips and tricks to help you maximize the ROI you get from your CRM software, so here you go (we’ll add one every issue, so visit our website regularly)!

Sales and marketing must work togeImage result for crmther to achieve results. With CRM tools, sales and marketing can use the same database to nurture prospects, score leads, and measure the results. For email marketing strategies, use dynamic content. Stay away from creating dozens of different email templates to communicate the same message to different groups. Create one template and use dynamic content to create a customer experience for each recipient.

If you’re unable to measure it, there’s no way you can manage it: Use sales and marketing metrics to take periodic snapshots of your performance. Pay attention to trends and their meanings, and respond to them as they emerge in your reporting.

Go beyond “opt-outs” on your subscription management page: In addition to allowing clients to change their email preferences, use your subscription management page to tactically gather marketing data. Use surveys to get customer comments or use a web form to collect support requests.

Don’t limit client-nurturing programs to email communication only. Instead, follow-up with phone calls. Use your CRM to activate a workflow to remind salespeople to follow up on leads.

Simplify your email marketing using dynamic content. Don’t create dozens of email templates to communicate the same message to different audiences.Build one template and use dynamic content to create a custom experience for each recipient.

Keep Your Customer Information Updated: Always, always, always make sure that your CRM system has the most current customer information. Once your staff becomes aware of anything relative to your customer, for example a new address and contact information, this data should immediately be changed in your CRM system. By doing so, this will alert ALL relative department such as sales, marketing, and customer service.

Provide Great Training to All Workers: How many workers have been hired or promoted into positions that use the CRM since you offered training on the system? How many workers have simply forgotten everything it can do?

A common mistake when implementing a new CRM solution is to train workers immediately, but to become lax as new workers are hired or moved into positions that require working with the CRM. Periodically offer training to refresh those who have used the system for awhile on its features and educate those new to the software.

Website Tips

You can’t read what you can’t see.Image result for website tips and tricksEarly websites had small fonts, but, over time, people realized that 12pt fonts are hard to read online. When a screen is 24 inches from someone’s face, most people will struggle to see smaller fonts.A typical rule of thumb you’ll see on the web is to keep your body text at least 16pt. That’s a good place to start, but keep in mind that this number completely depends on what font you’re using.

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