Do you have a customer-centric digital marketing strategy?

If you were asked to define “digital marketing”, how would you define it? You may say it is how you market your business by using your website or your social media profiles. You could say that digital marketing is your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. It could be Google adwords. Many of us tend to focus on one area. For instance, a marketing agency may come into your organization to help you provide a digital strategy, but what they are actually focusing on is your web and social presence and putting other areas on the backseat. Another agency may say they are a digital marketing agency, but they focus on SEO.

Our answer? All of the above and then some.

We believe digital marketing is a customer-centric mindset that puts their customers’ needs first and then uses the right avenue such as Google ads, social media, and blogs to reach our customers’ intended audience.

It is important to have the customer-centric mindset in your business. We want to share ways to foster a digital marketing mindset as an organization:

  1. Always take time to understand your customer: It is very easy to make assumptions based on positive past performance, Customer behavior is always evolving. Through consistent feedback from conversations, emails, and surveys, you will be able to stay on top, and even predict, behavioral change.
  2. Do not chase the new shiny object: This may be more for executives and department leaders. Many companies want to be known as cutting edge, but it is better to be known as a smart company. When smart companies listen to their customers, they know when to integrate new technology and platforms and when to continue using existing technology. When you chase the new technology for the sake up being cutting edge, it can often distract from the business goals and cost the organization.
  3. Set goals and adapt as needed: Many organizations take the right step of setting up goals, but do not take the time to adapt the goals to customer trends and behavior. Successful adaption is a digital marketing mindset that shows you are customer-centric. Adapting does not mean you are changing your goal. The end goal is the same but how you get there may need to change.
  4. Hold each other accountable: Customer-centric organizations are team builders. With digital marketing, it is important to hold each other accountable by having weekly or bi-weekly meetings, testing new technology and making a group decision, and constantly talking to your existing customers.

You want 2019 to be successful, so now is the time to evaluate your digital marketing. We would be happy to facilitate the evaluation, please contact us to learn more.


3 Tips to Prevent a Marketing Drought

Business is going well. Products are selling. Pipeline is full. Revenue is increasing. Small businesses work hard to get to this level of success and many do. When business is going well, it is easy to forget about marketing because you shift internal responsibilities to nurture new and existing clients, convert the pipeline, and build better products. This is good, but when a small business starts decreasing the priority on marketing to accommodate for the surge in new business, it is setting itself up for a drought.

How Does This Happen?

It is actually quite easy. When you become so busy with new clients and sales, you  start taking little shortcuts in the areas that help grow the business. In marketing, we often see the deliverables like marketing emails, blogs, and social media posts get delayed and eventually they stop. We see business development meetings get rescheduled or cancelled. This does not happen overnight. It begins small, here and there, to the point that marketing becomes an afterthought.

After a while that pipeline starts to look a little empty and the drought makes its way into the business. Executives and sales managers begin to panic and start chasing anything and everything. They can no longer be choosers and must go after the “low hanging fruit” to keep the cash flow going.

Once a business enters a drought, it can be difficult to flourish again. Here are 4 tips to keep your business flourishing and prevent a drought.

  1. Marketing must ALWAYS be a priority

    Marketing is like exercising. You have been consistently working out and it shows. You have energy. You are healthy. Somewhere along the line, life gets busy with kids, work, and extra activities. You begin to miss a workout here and there and next thing you know, you have lost all that you worked towards. Marketing, like exercise, must be a priority. You need to lead your organization in the mindset that shortcuts with marketing today will affect your business tomorrow. It might be tempting to shave off 30 minutes of your business development meeting or push back a marketing email to spend a few more minutes on a project, but, if you do, it will show in one way or another. Keep marketing a priority and you will keep filling your pipeline with quality leads.

  2. Take time to analyze

    Data is like a mentor. Individuals spend time with their mentors to help them mature as a person and grow in character, career, or skill. Spending time with the data you collect gives you insight into your customers’ behaviors. It helps you know when to adjust your marketing and content. When you stop analyzing your data while continuing to write content, your content may begin to be irrelevant to your customers because their behaviors and buying habits have changed. Do not underestimate the power of your data. It helps you keep your content relevant.

  3. Listen to your customers and share the feedback with your team

    Your customers want to give you feedback both positive and negative. When business is good, we think our customers are happy. Most likely they are, but it is a grave assumption to think you are meeting all expectations. Take time to schedule personal visits or phone calls with your customer with the sole purpose of asking for feedback, especially when business is good. Do not try to make excuses if the feedback is negative or try to upsell if feedback is positive. Just listen and most importantly take the feedback back to your marketing team and use it to strengthen your marketing efforts. If you do not share your feedback with your team, it is a waste of time for you and your customer.

Following these tips will help prevent your business from going into a drought. It is our desire to see businesses succeed. If you do not have a marketing strategy to help curate content that drives inbound lead generation, we would love to talk to you. Contact us for a free consultation.


Create A Proper Marketing Strategy Review to Build a Profitable Marketing Strategy

For many organizations, the end of the fiscal year is coming up soon. Whether you are a September 30th or calendar year-end, the approach means year-end budget reports and planning for the next fiscal year. This can be a stressful time for different departments because they need to validate your expenses and assess your goals of the previous year while justifying your proposed budget for the next year.

Your assessment and justification can be very stressful on your organization’s marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy’s goals and budget are a profitable asset, but many times they are viewed as a costly asset that needs to be done. A costly asset is one where the same strategy is executed year after year expecting increased results. To build a profitable strategy,

What does it mean to properly review a marketing strategy?

Profitable strategies start with the customer. Do you still know your customer? Has your customer’s behavior changed? How is the customer engagement different now then 12 months ago? If your organization does not know your customer, your marketing strategy is just a guessing game and becomes costly with little ROI.

Once your organization has a firm grasp of  its customer, you need to review your marketing goals, how to measure the goals, and the tools used to reach the goals. This part of the review is very important. We know that the customer’s behavior changes, but so does technology. You may be using technology or digital tools that may or may not be the right tools to help reach your new goal or help build and nurture a relationship with your customer.

To ensure a profitable marketing strategy, your organization needs to ask the following questions?

  • Does my CRM collect the right information from customers, so that we nurture the relationship effectively?
  • Am I producing the right content on the correct social platforms?
  • Has my customer shifted from one social platform to another?
  • Does my analytics platform collect the right data, and does it have new features that I need to learn to collect better data?
  • Am I spending money on a marketing platform that no longer meets the organization’s business goal or the customer’s need?

As you prepare your marketing strategy for the next year, you do not need to go into it with a mindset that it is a necessary evil, but, with a proper review and plan, you can turn your marketing strategy into a profitable asset. At CCC, we love to help organizations succeed through inbound marketing strategic planning, so you can increase lead generation and customer conversion. Call (301) 332-0613 and schedule a FREE phone review of your current marketing strategy and goals. We will help you get on the right path to plan your marketing strategy for the next fiscal year.


  1. You have different audiences that need or want your product. When writing content for social media, adapt your message on each social platform based on your audience’s everyday language. Same message but different words. By doing this, you will be able to connect more personally with each audience.
  2. Did you know that you can use Google’s Free Tag Manager to track phone calls from your website when a customer views your site on their mobile device? This is can help you see which product or service page gets the most phone calls on your website.

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